I Am Thankful for Printables

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Are you looking for the perfect meaningful family activity? Teach your kids about gratitude this year with an I am thankful for printable.

These are also great for keeping the kids busy while you get a head start on cooking your Thanksgiving meal (free Thanksgiving planner right here).

There are 12 different variations for you to choose from. Some of the gratitude printables are colorable and have the words “I am thankful for” in a fun, bubble font along with fun places to write the things you are grateful for.

Others have it written in a pretty cursive font and have more space for writing.

Whether you are looking for a fall or Thanksgiving-themed printable or one that works for any time of the year, these offer plenty of opportunities to get creative.

Download and print as many as you need! No need to sign-up for anything at all.


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I am thankful for printables

Feel free to download your favorite or print them all in one file by clicking here.

1. Write on 7 large bubbles with leaves

This I am thankful for coloring page has 7 fun circles for writing the different things you’re thankful for. There are 3 large fall leaves to color along with several small circles that are scattered around the sheet.

i am thankful for coloring page

2. Large bubbles without leaves (not fall-themed)

If you like the bubbles but you don’t want the fall or Thanksgiving theme, this one might be a better fit. There are no leaves on the page – Just 7 large bubbles with enough space for writing.

gratitude printable

3. Fall-themed I am thankful for coloring page

This coloring page has 6 large leaves for writing the various things you are thankful for.

There are several small leaves placed around the page that are colorable along with the words “I am thankful for…” in a bubble font.

i am thankful for coloring page

4. Heart shape gratitude coloring page

If you’re looking for an I am thankful for printable that’s perfect for any time of year, this one is very cute as well.

It features a big heart shape in the middle of the page. There are 10 circular writing spaces (5 are above the heart and 5 are below) for filling in everything you are grateful for.

There are also plenty of small circles around the page to color and get creative with.

i am thankful for printable

5. More heart shapes

Rather than one large one, this printable features 4 hearts that you can write on. Fill them in with your top 4 or you make a mini list on each heart.

(Looking for more heart shapes specifically? You can find 40 free templates here.)

i am thankful for printable

6. Turkey outline with lines

Do you prefer a gratitude printable with lines?

Along with the bubbly words, you can color the turkey outline and 2 hearts. You could also choose to write on the turkey instead – that’s up to you!

There are 8 lined spaces for writing what you are thankful for (and they’re numbered).

i am thankful for printable

7. A slightly different I am thankful for printable with lines

If you like the previous but don’t want the turkey, try this one instead. There’s no turkey outline and you get 3 additional lines for writing.

i am thankful for worksheet

8. Gratitude printable with letters

This can be a fun activity for both kids and adults.

If you’re up for a challenge, see if you can come up with something you are thankful for that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

i am thankful for worksheet

9. Write what you are grateful for on 14 lines

If you are looking for a simple template with lines for writing, this may be the one to print.

There are 14 writing spaces and 2 cute hearts at the top of the page that you can color if you want (but you certainly don’t have to).

i am thankful for printable

10. Double columns with 28 writing spaces

If you prefer double columns, you may want to consider this one. Instead of one wide column, there are 2 narrow columns with a total of 28 spaces for listing all the things you have to be thankful for.

i am thankful for printable

11. I am thankful for printable with star shapes

Instead of hearts or bubbles, this one features stars.

Have kids write or draw what they are thankful for. Or, you can have them do a combination of both – they could draw in the larger stars and write in the smaller ones.

i am thankful for printable

12. Draw what you are thankful for

And finally – a printable specifically for drawing what you are thankful for. This one is mostly blank except for the heading at the top.

There’s plenty of space for kids to get creative and draw a picture.

gratitude printable

More free fall printables

So, if you’re looking for a cute and creative way to teach your kids about gratitude, give an I am thankful for printable a try.

These activity pages are perfect for expressing gratitude during Thanksgiving or any other time of the year when you want to take a moment to appreciate everything you have.

Pin this page so that you can easily find it again later!

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